How can we help you?

Every new relationship starts with a free, zero commitment discovery call. 

This scheduled conversation will help me learn more about you, your project, and how we can help. Let us get to know one another.

  • Learn more about our process, fees, timeline, and scheduling.

  • Determine the scale and feasibility based on the scope of the project and overall investment

  • Discuss the scope of the project and how we can help move it toward completion


Our boutique studio works on all spaces in your home, but specializes in kitchen design. Our project services begin at $425.00 USD

Each project begins with an up to one hour consultation meeting with you to learn about you, your project, and how we can design a space the functions seamlessly for you. The investment for this as a standalone meeting is $90.00 USD. If you continue with our firm, it counts towards your project services. 

Remember our motto; everything extraordinary, nothing ordinary. That is what you can count of working with our firm.

  • Your project will follow three distinct phases to help keep you informed and involved as your design and project progress.

  • We will discuss our level of involvement in your specific project. From the basal end of detailed design work, all the way to material selection and sourcing. We are here for you.

  • Our detailed, intimate, and thorough design process results in the execution of a space you can’t believe is yours to call home.